Hannah Macdougall


What do you do when taking on the swimming world successfully for thirteen years just isn’t enough? Take on the world in cycling, of course! This approach isn’t for everyone, but for Hannah Macdougall it was the perfect evolution of her exciting and sometimes challenging life.

Hannah, who was born without the lower portion of her right leg, faced difficulties from very early on.  Having to go through life with an artificial leg provides its own unique set of obstacles, but at no point did these stop her from pursuing her dreams in sport and life.

Hannah’s dedication and enthusiasm in both her arenas of sporting endeavour have earned her respect both on and off the field.  Her people-skills and ability to motivate those around her were contributing factors to the announcement of this inspiring young woman as captain of the Australian Swim Team at both World Championships and Paralympic Games.

To be a competitive athlete with successful work/life balance demands excellent time-management skills, and Hannah is keen to share her mastery in this seminal area. She has become a favourite speaker and mentor at many schools, encouraging students to go beyond their current expectations and set goals that they can pursue with passion. Hannah is also a vital member of the community, with ongoing involvement in activities such as the Red Dust Role Models initiative, which promotes healthy lifestyle messages to disadvantaged youth.

Hannah has her sights set firmly on selection for the 2016 Paralympic Games in Brazil.
If she is successful in her bid to represent  Australia in cycling, she will join an elite group of athletes who have accomplished dual sport representation at the Paralympic level.

Hannah Macdougall