About Us

StarAmp Global was inspired by the desire to create partnerships which benefit both amputee athletes and businesses.

We provide businesses, corporations and associations with access to an incredible pool of talented individuals, most of whom are amputee athletes, who walk their talk and inspire others to do the same! Those that join us on the journey benefit greatly from a unique partnership which provides regular presentations from elite athletes who share their inspirational stories of courage, determination and success. The athletes, meanwhile, derive great benefit from the financial support which allows them to pursue their dreams on a global stage.

It’s the perfect combination!

StarAmp Global provides direct access to the thought processes and experience of elite athletes – keynote corporate addresses that literally change people’s lives! Our speakers, each of whom has achieved outstanding success against great odds, will enlighten, motivate and inspire the people that count in your business.

Partnering with the team at StarAmp Global provides opportunities that will not only elevate your next event to new heights, but will create a profound impression that will change your thinking forever.

Join us on this exciting journey and be inspired to be more, do more and have more in life!