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Our conference was a great success. Kelly was absolutely brilliant and I was delighted with her presentation. She is a fantastic presenter and outstanding motivational speaker, extremely articulate and professional. I will definitely be keen to use her again in the future.  I appreciate you organising Kelly with such short notice as well. Thank you.

Rob Stummer – Managing Director IFS Australia and New Zealand

Maddy was excellent, we look forward to having her again for next years school leaders.

Boyd Cowley – Leibler Yaveh College

Don, you are great. Love your attitude on life. You are an inspiration and should be heard by many, so please get out there and tell your story to more !

A famous NFL coach (Mike Ditka) once said: “Success isn’t measured by money or power or social rank. Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace”. You certainly live true to this.

Thanks for making a huge contribution to the great success of our tennis conference.

Craig Tiley – Tournament Director Australian Open

 Don, the response to your talk was overwhelming with everyone commenting on how inspirational your talk was. Other comments included the analogy of leaving behind your baggage when you walked through a door as a wonderful way to stay positive and enhance the feelings of the people around you.

Your ability to gauge your audience and respond with your presentation techniques maintained the special bond you are able to establish during your talk. I was most impressed with your ability to tailor your material to the theme of the conference whilst maintaining the funny side as you took the audience through the tough times in your life showing how your “disability” was turned into an opportunity.

This was the second time I have had the pleasure to listen to you and I have no hesitation in recommending you for any speaking engagement in the future.

Bruce Osborne – Community Relations Manager Tennis Australia