Jack Swift


Take one look at Jack Swift at rest and you could be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a chiselled sculpture. Look past the muscle-on-muscle and you will discover the reality of an unassuming man who continues to impress all who meet him with his laid-back attitude and positive approach to life. Witness just one of Jack’s training sessions and it’s easy to see how this qualified personal trainer manages to inspire others. His approach is simple: “Do the work, get the results”.

Jack’s attitude is somewhat different away from the track. The mild-mannered 2011 Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalist enjoys the finer things in life, and epitomises the Sensitive New Age Guy tag that was thrust upon him following the announcement that ‘Swifty’, as he is known to his mates, would soon appear as the Nivea Face of the Year in 2010.

life hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the hard-working pinup boy. In 2006, Jack’s life changed course dramatically when a workplace accident left him a below-knee amputee. Over time Jack came to terms with his loss and turned his adversity into triumph by earning his first Australian athletics team uniform. Competing at the 2011 World Championships, he finished a gallant fourth in the gruelling 400m sprint. With his sights set on becoming a successful Australian Paralympian, Jack qualified for the 2012 London Paralympics, and now understands what it takes to be one of the best athletes in the world.

A talented man with a true passion for sport, Jack has set himself the task of qualifying for the 2016 Rio Paralympics in the gruelling sport of triathlon.

Jack is a proud ambassador for WorkSafe, and when not in training, he is a sought-after motivational speaker with a strong emphasis on workplace safety.