Madeleine Hogan

Maddy glamour throwing-optOne of the true characters of the Australian Paralympic team, Madeleine Hogan knows all about going way beyond her comfort zone.

After a successful career in women’s cricket, Maddy decided to put her throwing skills to the test and have a crack at Javelin. Few would have predicted the results of her action: selection for the Beijing Paralympics in 2008. Here Maddy performed brilliantly and was rewarded with a bronze medal in her first Paralympics Games.
With the fire in the belly well and truly burning, Maddy put all her energy into being at her best for the 2011 World Championships in Christchurch, along the way tearing a tendon in the elbow of her throwing arm.

When you only have one arm, that’s the last thing you want to happen. Being born without half of her left arm has meant that Maddy has had to do extra work with her right. From time to time this has caused injuries, but Maddy knows that the ability to deal with adversity is one of the hallmarks of a great athlete.

Given that she was carrying a significant injury into the competition, repeating the feats of Beijing was optimistic at best.Few thought it possible that Maddy Hogan could overcome the pain and frustration of her torn elbow ligament and be competitive at the elite level.
But, with her fighting determination and full confidence in her preparation, she gave it her all and did exactly that: she beat the world’s best and is now the world champion.
Ask her team mates about Maddy and they’ll tell you she knows how to have a good time, but she also knows what it takes to be the best.

In 2012 at the London Paralympic Games Maddy faced her toughest competition yet. Knocked out of medal contention in the early rounds, Maddy had to dig deep on her final attempt. With a huge throw, she moved from fourth into third  place with a ‘personal best’ effort and a new Australian record. Her indomitable spirit has Maddy aiming for gold at the next Paralympic Games in Rio, 2016.